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That's why the temptation is to declare that the Wizards, As deficient as is also in these areas, Take serious consideration at making a deal for Artest. And since reports are that half the teams in the NBA have expressed a desire for making such a deal, The Wizards might need to act quickly before the Pacers ship him to Oakland or Sacramento or someplace where he couldn't come back to haunt Indiana in the playoffs.
in, Artest just turned 26. He's one of the five best defensive players in the game, Maybe on the list of dozen best players overall. As Golden State's Jason Richardson said when asked yesterday about the potential of acquiring Artest: "[Expletive] yes. He's a top players in the league.... To get a guy that way.... "
Richardson, typical of young players, Respects physical attributes almost to the exclusion of [url=http://www.wjgnet.com/usa/nikesoccershoes.html]cheap soccer cleats[/url] anything else. Since he didn't finish the sentence, i will. To get a guy like this -- is challenges -- more worry than he's worth.
So if the Wizards are looking at it -- and they haven't commented publicly on the possibility -- they probably should not.
oh yea, it'll create a sizzle if the Wizards did get Artest, And perhaps a primary bounce upward in the Eastern Conference standings.
If we're playing my favorite sports game -- primary GM -- I would only ponder (approximately 10 seconds) Dealing for Artest if I could keep Antawn Jamison because it [url=http://www.wjgnet.com/usa/nikesoccershoes.html]nike soccer shoes[/url] would take Jamison's cool professionalism, reliability,professionalism, trust, Gilbert Arenas's bottomless reserve of energy to help Eddie Jordan and Ernie Grunfeld and everybody else associated with the team to keep Artest in line -- on your month. coupled with, Acquiring Artest would probably mean trading Caron Butler, A nice, fat-Free player who could be on the verge of getting an impact here.
But again and again, it won't have anything to do with who you'd have to give up; It is due to what you're getting. In the end, you don't want Artest. Artest is so unstable, So undisciplined and so entirely involved with his own alien dramas, He makes Terrell Owens seem as if Marvin Harrison. There ain't enough overhead storage bin space in all the world's bankrupt airlines to store all that baggage. But no above carries as much as Artest.
he is not colorful or wacky, not unlike Rodman. Rodman was a nuisance, what, When he crossed the road, Was usually seeking to sneak back across to the safe side before he totally offended everybody.
Artest is a troubled youngster. He's risky to himself, And as we saw at the Palace of Auburn Hills yr after, a hazard to others. He has talked openly about needing and seeking professional help. His being young included some pretty serious issues. So has his maturity.
realize, Jason Richardson thinks it could be a cool idea right now to play with Artest. So apparently does lebron james. That's because they're young and think nothing matters more than what a player can do manually. They think they want him [url=http://www.wjgnet.com/usa/nikesoccershoes.html]nike soccer cleats[/url] as a teammate since these haven't played with him yet.
They haven't been at the airport waiting when Artest doesn't show up for the team flight. They weren't at practice when he shows up late or not at all. They weren't on the practice floor with Artest when he gets a little too rough and breaks one of their ribs, Like he did to michael jordan a few summers ago. They haven't been getting ready for a tough road trip to the other side of the united states when Artest says he needs to take a month off to promote his girl group's next CD.
Golden State is one of those particular teams on the rise, And its top game enthusiasts -- Richardson and additionally Baron Davis combined with [url=http://www.wjgnet.com/usa/nikesoccershoes.html]soccer cleats for sale[/url] Adonal Foyle -- probably think it would pretty cool to get a player who can average nearly 20 points per game, Grab five or six gets back, And say to Elton Brand in a decisive game, "let us go, Big child, And actually take action. it's probably the most consistent dilemma in team sports: What do we do with the guy challenging talent and all the trouble?
usually me, It would take an iconic coach to control Artest. Larry Brown pops into their heads, choosing done (with each other with GM Joe Dumars) an enormously fine job with Rasheed Wallace. you should, Phil Jackson pops into their heads, But what exactly do the Lakers have to offer in return? you'll think the new super tandem of Pat Riley and Shaq might daydream about the on-Court benefits now and then.
But I will not wish Artest on Eddie Jordan/Jamison/Arenas. due to the fact the Pacers players joined Artest in that brawl with Pistons fans last year doesn't mean they want him around, together with like him. Jermaine O'Neal and Stephen Jackson don't have the time for Artest, And never know it try to hide it anymore. They know all the stuff Artest has done behind closed doors. this site is told, By Pacers colleagues, there will be something virtually every day with Artest. Why think CEO-President Donnie Walsh of the Pacers has been so quick to sit him down consistently and announce he hopes to complete a trade in 10 days? As much as Indiana President of Basketball procedure Larry Bird loves Artest's skills and fierceness, you think the Pacers haven't tried every angle to keep him?
Artest, there's, does [url=http://www.wjgnet.com/usa/nikesoccershoes.html]adidas soccer cleats[/url] not get it. ohio, He looks you in the face and tells you what he thinks the finest answer is. they are contrite. Then he's intolerably late or disruptive in the locker room or he has no idea what the coach has just said in timeout huddle. absolutely nothing is to joke about here. truly sad, genuinely, That whatever is troubling Artest is likely to keep him from functioning in a way that will allow him to maximize his contribution to a team of consequence -- regardless of how everybody looking on wants to believe he can.
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