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I have made this trail mix repeatedly and it always a huge hit at our house especially around the holidays. It our favorite snack to munch on while watching a football game or a movie. The price of nuts has really soared lately so if someone makes this as often as I do, You save big by buying everything in bulk. I tripled the recipe this point and cooked it in three separate batches. I soccer shoes unnoticed the sunflower seeds and added extra almonds plus a cup each of walnuts, Pecans, And roasted unsalted peanuts. I improved upon maple syrup to 9 tblsp. My local Costco adidas soccer shoes no longer carries dried cherries so I switched to Craisins and they are just as good. regarding adding them afterwards, I bake them right in with the nuts and these are out plump and juicy! cheap soccer shoes thereby deelish, This recipe is undoubtedly a keeper! thank you Claire!
I chose to make this trail mix a few weeks ago when I saw it on TV. I put it in snack bags and took it with us traveling. as well, Gave some to a friend who was coping with surgery. We love this trail mix so much I am making more today. My friend sent a thank you and said she loved everything in her goodie bag, specially the seed/nut packets. I always add a few dried red grapes and more almonds. Dried soccer cleats cherries are so expensive and hard to come by. We love it and its good for us. It a snack we can feel good about. nike soccer shoes owing!
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